Freight Brokerage Agents

We have our priorities straight when it comes to carrier relationships.

The Felix Group and KWJW Distributors is much more than just another truck broker. We’re the global 3PL that treats you with respect and assigns you an experienced carrier advocate. If you need a cash advance, a dedicated lane or a spot market load, we can do that.

We also know how to make life easier for you while making you money – for example, we try to use the same carriers for regular routes as a matter of policy, even without a dedicated lane arrangement. 

 Freight Agents

What We Offer

  1. Work from home remote access to load boards

  2. Free software

  3. Up to 85% commission 

  4. Commission paid weekly

  5. 70,000+ FTL Carrier and 25,000+ LTL Carriers



  1. Must have a book of business " Shipping Customers"

  2. Must have experience in freight brokering or freight sales

  3. Must be able to demonstrate the ability to make sales calls to potential customers and close deals in person via email or over the phone. 

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